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About The DEW Centre

Cupping Therapy

Africa’s first co-located wellness centre, lifestyle design consultancy and boutique hotel​

We are passionate believers that the combination of design, personal well-being and intentional lifestyle choices is the ultimate key to wellness. This is why we created DEW. We are focused on the design of experiences that will promote your education, clarity, connection and well-being. DEW enables you to design your best life. We are delivering an unmatched experience, conceived as a positive combination of wellness and design to provide you with a sense of belonging, rest and pleasure as well.

The DEW Centre: Our wellness centre is a haven of total wellness optimised to restore, revive and refuel you. Indulge in our extensive bouquet of therapies, treatments and experiences.


The Design Studio: At DEW, we believe that the spaces you occupy should enhance your productivity and sense of wellbeing. Let’s help you transform your space.

The Renaissance (Coming Soon): This is a 20-room boutique hotel where every room is an oasis intentionally designed to meet your specific needs. Get the most tranquil experience as you shut the world out behind you.



"My favourite place to be especially for yoga classes with the best instructors around. Excellent classes in a serene environment ..."


Spa Massage
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