Welcome to DEW

Set to be Africa’s first co-located lifestyle design consultancy, boutique hotel and wellness centre.

About The DEW Centre

Where the use of design enhances your wellbeing...

At The DEW Centre, we use design to take the concept of total wellness recognizing that your every thought, word, and behavior affects your greater health and well-being.

We focus on the design of spaces and experiences ensuring that all services significantly promotes your education, clarity, connection, common sense, empathy and well-being.

The DEW Centre aims to deliver the first of its kind Design, Education and Wellness Centre ever considered in Africa.



At DEW, our client is first. We ensure enhacing your productivity and sense of wellbeing, making you a better YOU.


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Tolani Thomas

Lagos, Nigeria

It was beyond amazing. I love the attention to detail in everything- towels, hangers, teacup. The massage was exactly what I wanted and more. I loved my experience with the massage therapist. She listened and made sure my pain points were thoroughly massaged. Love the customer service experience too. 10/10!