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Corporate Packages

As the age-old saying goes “ prevention is better than cure”; this is even more relevant to businesses operating in the Lagos metropolis. Burnout from the general stress of living can be mitigated by a carefully designed lifestyle that encourages healthy living, for your team at The Dew Centre.

All About The Team

The DEW Centre offers Individual, group and corporate packages putting into consideration the different categories of staff. Team bonding is also one of the various ways to promote wellness in an organisation which is why we offer carefully curated team day packages and private events.


Our wellness programmes offer an added sphere to the otherwise complex topic of staff welfare. We understand that wellness is multifaceted and will work closely with organisations to design experiences and packages that offer as many possibilities for balance as possible.


There is a positive connection between employee wellness and the performance of a business. A good employee wellness programme should cater to the employees’ emotional, physical, mental and financial wellness, as we do at DEW.


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