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Circling Back to the Why - Building The Community

A black man thinking deeply
Thinking deeply about the future of The DEW Centre Community

As we gently exhale, we embrace this moment together.

Hello People! We wish, pray, and trust, with fingers and toes crossed, that this message meets every reader in a place where they have a moment of peace to read, reflect and look forward. 🙏🏾

As 2023 finally comes to a close, let’s acknowledge the journey we’ve shared. There is no glossing over the fact that in Nigeria, this year has been a test of resilience, presenting challenges that have touched each of us in profound ways. Yet, here we are, standing together in December 2023. Congratulations on navigating this year’s twists and turns with such courage and kudos to all of us for making it this far!

Navigating such turbulence without a solid anchor is daunting, which is why we are taking a moment to go back and reflect on some of the core “Whys’ of The DEW Centre.  We hope these insights resonate with you, our beloved community, providing the focus and momentum we need as we step into 2024.

Why the DEW Centre? In these times, the DEW Centre’s purpose has never been more vital. We’re driven by our the belief that the combination of design, personal well-being and intentional lifestyle choices is the ultimate key to wellness and by our mission to inspire a vibrant wellness community. This philosophy shapes everything we do at the DEW Centre. From the carefully selected music that welcomes you, to the partnerships we cultivate, our goal is to be more than just a sanctuary but to be a catalyst for your overall wellness, creating a space that feels like ‘home’ and fosters belonging.

"Communities" , as defined by WHO, are more than just physical spaces; they’re networks of shared interests, concerns, and identities, whether local or global. The DEW Centre is committed to empowering our community, equipping each of us to navigate life’s challenges with resilience, both individually and collectively.

As we bid farewell to 2023 and take our well-earned breaks, let us take the time to think about  how we can deepen our commitment to our physical and mental wellness in 2024, enriching our lives and those around us.

Wishing you a peaceful and rejuvenating break. We eagerly await the joy of welcoming you back in the new year and look forward to seeing a lot more of you in 2024.

Happy holidays.



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